Meet Carlo and Matilde in this interview

Our strengths are our research and development in manufacturing techniques, and the valuable support we provide to style departments. We offer useful studies when creating samples. “We started off with important partners, carrying out significant research in the use of yarns in weaving and knitwear”. Matilde Basilio describes the intellectual and technological commitment it takes to produce clothing with special characteristics. As well as traditional knitwear, Clouds also produces luxury yarns, such as cashmere in unusual colours for a froissé effect, fabrics of the same yarn with leather and fur inserts, elasticated clothing thanks to the use of Lycra. For obvious reasons, the production levels of Clouds are far from the large quantities people were used to in the past: “numbers are limited because our knitwear requires very many hours work”.

This important concept is explained by Carlo Lanterna, who has personal experience as a designer. This is a particularly relevant aspect that allows Clouds to provide complete and effective support to every client. “We actively cultivate beauty, and even in routine production of knitwear, nothing is left to chance”. The concept of façon comes close to that of a genuine “laboratory of ideas”: “we aspire to continual growth, with one eye on the changing markets and the other focussed on researching materials. Details are our trump card”. This approach is fortunately still common in this “land of the centre”, a form of expression for Umbrian people and designers.

Creative stylist & founder

Carlo Lanterna

Having trained at the Academy of Fine Arts, Carlo worked on lines for the Valentino brand.
At the end of the 1980s, he decided to get together with his friend Matilde to follow his big dream: Clouds. Carlo’s creativity and experience would prove to be vital in developing a company that quickly became known by the big names in Italian and international fashion.


Matilde Basilio

She planned to work as a tourist guide, but instead she is now the founder, together with Carlo, of Clouds!
Her previous experience helped her fulfil her dream: she worked as an assistant at ICAP with a full ten years of hard training alongside a production manager who showed her the secrets, both practical and theoretical, of this fascinating world.

Thanks to her, Clouds can now boast important collaborations in the world of high fashion.